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Skin Solutions / Facials

The Luxury Experience (90 minutes)

  • Caviar Experience 92

    Offering the ultimate luxurious journey for your skin. This encapsulates 100% French Caviar, is packed with essential vitamins and minerals to recharge and take care of your skin needs as well as indulging you in 5 different massages, including a head massage and arm treatment. This anti ageing facial will leave your skin plumped, smoother and energised.

The Anti-Ageing Solutions (60 to 85 minutes)

  • The Sparkle Experience 82

    Combining our Cell Solution Facial & Dermophyts Sonophoresis Machine. A global and transversal treatment adapted to all ages and all skins in search of a youthful boost. The actions of the treatment provide hydration, sublimate the skin, smooth, recharge the skin with active elements, optimises the protection of skin cells and acts as a youth booster.

  • Densité Solution 72

    This great global anti-ageing treatment, incorporating a sculpting massage, with an active mask to help the skin regain its firmness, elasticity and plumpness.

  • Corrective Plump Solution 62

    An alternative to aesthetic medicine, this treatment will reverse the sins of youth to plump wrinkles, smooth the surface area of the skin, blur fine lines and is the perfect answer for a tire, lacklustre skin.

  • Corrective Peel Solution 52

    An alternative to aesthetic medicine, this professional peel treatment will target fine lines, wrinkles & pigmentation to resurface and even out the skin.

The Beauty Solutions (45 to 60 minutes)

  • Eclat Solution 62

    A new radiance treatment, that corrects irregularities, smooths detoxifies and energises the skin. This is the ultimate glow booster for a luminous complexion.

  • Fondamentale Solution 52

    The moisturising and nourishing treatment for malnourished skins to restore comfort and suppleness. Packed with antioxidants to strengthen the skins defences. The skin will appear glowing, healthy and renewed.

  • Pureté Solution 52

    The perfect treatment for combination and oily skins. The pores are tightened, the skin texture is clean and shine will be reduced. Active ingredients will act as an antiseptic to the skin, removing any bacteria build up and reducing blemishes, leaving the skin refreshed, rebalanced and radiant.

  • Délicate Solution 52

    This facial is ideal for those with a sensitive skin, it will build the skins natural defences and help to make skin less sensitive. The skin will feel nourished and less red.

  • Regard Solution 45

    The treatment dedicated to the eye contour, using a specialised eye mask. This will drain away toxin build up and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reserving the youth of the eye area and asking the eyes less fatigued.

Electrical Facial Machine

  • Dermophyts Sonophoresis Machine 15

    A hand held electrical device, used to stimulate nerve endings and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. This can be combined with any facial.

The Flash Solutions (30 minutes)

  • Sensitive 28

    The express gentle treatment for sensitive skin, to reduce redness and refresh the skin.

  • Corrective 28

    The express anti-ageing treatment to smooth and plump facial features.

  • Pureté 28

    The express cleansing treatment to purify and oxygenate the combination to oily and/or dull skins.

  • Densite 28

    The Express anti-ageing treatment which will restructure the skin and help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.


A highly effective physical exfoliation procedure, involving the top most layer of dead skin and vellus hair on a persons face. A sterile scalpel will be used, leaving the skin rejuvenated and smoother.

  • Standard Dermaplaning 37
  • Deluxe Dermaplaning 52

    Includes an enzyme peel and hydration mask.